How to Unearth Your Natural Beauty from the ‘Extremes’


The wildly popular AHAVA Extreme range, contains something not many skin care products can claim: active ingredients from both the world’s highest and lowest elevation points.

From coping with weather extremes to coping with life’s ups and downs (and your skin’s ups and down), to hectic versus calm days – life is full of extremes; and you often emerge stronger from them.

Have you ever heard  this gem from Rajneesh, spiritual philosopher from India, “Don’t avoid extremes, and don’t choose any one extreme. Remain available to both the polarities – that is the art, the secret of balancing.”

We couldn’t agree more, and that is where this journey begins.

The following  is a real AHAVA ‘heart and soul’ account of finding the perfect natural, beautiful balance by unleashing the power of polar opposites: the Dead Sea (the Earth’s lowest elevation point, nearly 1,300 feet below sea level), and the Himalayan Peaks (standing 28,000 feet high).

Dr. Ze’evi Maor, our Head of R&D, has worked and lived by the Dead Sea for nearly 3 decades. Living at the lowest elevation on the planet, he frequently dreamed  of exploring the towering Himalayan Peaks.

He explains firsthand:

“By the Dead Sea, I am always looking into the surrounding Desert mountains, hiking through the rocky trails. Then, several years ago, I finally  took an extended vacation and went to Tibet’s highest mountain peaks. I started to take note of how widespread the skin problems were (dry and prematurely-aged skin) at such elevations.  While there, in the Mustang region of Tibet,  someone close to me  in our group faced severe health issues. Being so high up, there was only 1 doctor available; fortunately he was able to treat the  medical condition.

Following the trip, I had sent the doctor some of our Dermud mud-based products (to also help treat dry skin for patients at such extreme elevation), to thank him for what he had done.  We formed a strong friendship, and he began to share with us his tips on plant extracts from high atop the Himalayan mountains. The inspiration for developing our EXTREME range was born at that moment  – sustainably using plant extracts (such as from the highest point on Earth, and exploring their skin applications with Dead Sea Minerals, from the world’s lowest geographical point. It took five years to excavate and test the effects of the Himalayan plants on skin. EXTREME stands today as one of our greatest scientific successes.”

Published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the EXTREME skin care range was scientifically-proven to improve skin appearance by reducing wrinkle depth, increasing moisture levels, and to have a protective effect from sun photo-damage. The proven EXTREME complex is formed from the most resilient natural ingredients :

Himalayan Goji Berry Extract: containing all essential amino-acids, these superfoods also have the highest concentration of protein among all fruits. Due to their high concentration of natural anti-oxidants, they are popular in Chinese medicine, as a longevity-booster.

Himalayan Raspberry Root Extract: known for their anti-inflammatory properties, this evergreen shrub helps support skin’s cell turnover.

Himalayan Moss Lichen: able to grow at high altitudes in extremely low temperatures, it is often used as a natural soothing agent in treatments of eczema and dry chapped skin; also helps protect skin from solar rays.

Dead Sea (Dead Sea minerals in perfect concentration); A gift from nature, this unique blend is known to improve your skin’s well-being, boost is moisture levels, and to keep skin looking supple and young.

AHAVA’s EXTREME patent : “The combination of all three Himalayan extracts with the Dead Sea Minerals provides unique, natural and unexpected combination of anti-oxidative synergistic effect that protects skin from environmental aging.”

Dr. Maor explains about the range’s popularity, “It’s really effective. It takes both benefits of the minerals from the Dead Sea, together with specific botanical actives. What’s so special is that these actives are survivors, coming from the most extreme points on Earth. Evolution created very powerful activity. For example, NASA is also researching actives from these points on earth, searching for plants that are able to survive in harsh conditions.”

Have you ever heard this Chinese wisdom, “the strongest steel is forged from the hottest fires?”

These products contain natural active ingredients that have been born from response to harsh conditions (“anti-aging” activities of these botanical extracts stems from their reponse to stress under extreme conditions); proven anti-inflammatory properties, delay effect against cell death,  as well as protection and repair functions for damage from the suns harmful rays.

So are you ready to try this breakthrough wrinkle-reducing complex, with unique ingredients from the world’s highest and lowest elevations?

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