• Clineral brand was founded in 2009 by AHAVA-Dead Sea Laboratories
  • Clineral is a Dead Sea mineral-based Dermo-Cosmetic line, for alleviating
    the symptoms of chronic skin disorders
  • In the Israeli market, Clineral products have been very well accepted both by consumers and by the professional dermatologist community
  • Clineral products won twice the Israeli “Best product\brand of the year award“




True to its name, Clineral  embodies the essence of the brand: Dermo – Cosmetic products, clinically tested on patients with a variety of skin conditions & based on  Dead Sea minerals. Clinical + Minerals = Clineral.
Formulated to provide remedy, relief, and preventive care, along with pleasurable cosmetic qualities.

Clineral brand reflects the core expertise of AHAVA labs: the knowhow of Dead Sea minerals and their therapeutic impact on human skin together with the ability of producing high-end pleasurable skincare products.

Clineral skincare products combine the proven therapeutic virtues of the Dead Sea minerals, mud, and selected plant extracts, to promote skin’s essential functions and alleviate symptoms related to specific chronic skin disorders : Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, Seborrhea, Diabetic foot, and  intolerant skin