How to Unearth Your Natural Beauty from the ‘Extremes’


The wildly popular AHAVA Extreme range, contains something not many skin care products can claim: active ingredients from both the world’s highest and lowest elevation points.

From coping with weather extremes to coping with life’s ups and downs (and your skin’s ups and down), to hectic versus calm days – life is full of extremes; and you often emerge stronger from them.

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How to Make Happy Peace (Not War) With Your Skin


Getting  Happy, Healthy  Skin Can Feel Like a Battle

Are you highly critical of your skin, and do you feel like you’re in a daily battle with it? If so, you’re certainly  not alone.

We’ve recently spoken in depth with  hundreds of women from around the world, from diverse cultures, and many feel that they’re at ‘war’ with their skin – from wrinkles, to red irritations, to oily skin, to acne, discolored, or sensitive skin.

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